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Welcome 2019!

A bit late I know, but we have been super busy as always, blink and it is February!

At My Vintage Home, we have been busy thinking about new items to be featured on our website, and there is no better place to look than the grand Furniture Show at the NEC.  All the newest products from over 500 suppliers, the biggest brands and emerging designers and manufacturers. There are also international suppliers who maybe over just for this one show. It’s fantastic, although very tiring!  When we go we get an in depth view of what new furniture and furnishings are available and get a good feel for key trends for this season. There are over 500 suppliers there, so certainly a lot to look at! There are thousands of buyers there all choosing their purchases wisely.

There is a lot to look at, and it would be very easy to overload the website with hundreds upon hundreds of items, but that’s not our aim, we only want to choose items that we love and sit well on our website!  We will only ever choose items that quality is the best,  that is the most important thing, and then we choose the items whose style matches our own and items that can complete the look!

We have now introduced another 2 new suppliers to our range.  These are Ancient Mariner Furniture and Baumhouse.  

Ancient Mariner Furniture specialise in providing hand made and crafted furniture and accessories. They have an amazing catalogue, some of which is featured on the website now and some more to follow. Like the Cromarty Seating Range, there is a wide range of chairs and sofas in various colours which will make a beautiful addition to any room. And the Elllie Chesterfield, I sat on this and did not want to get up! And how stunning this is? Its the perfect size too.

Ellie Chestfield 1cromarty-chair-pumpkin










Baumhouse have an impressive catalogue too, they feature ranges such as Oak, Signature Grey, Coastal Chic, Urban Chic and Cuba. This should all be on the website by next week. Here is a sample from the Signature Grey range.

We hope you will love the new ranges being introduced in the coming weeks!