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Summer Lovin Furniture

With the large number of items on our site, it’s easy to lose track of some of the beautiful pieces of furniture we’ve carefully chosen to promote. 

As you know, we’ve discussed before how we chose our furniture and that items need to fit in with our style if we’re to promote them. We’ve so many wonderful pieces and when we’re including them on the site, we’re always imagining them in our own home, how comfortable they look and how they’ll make a bold statement as a standout item. However once they’re on our site, they get forgotten about until the time comes when we sell them. So this months blog is exciting because it gives us an excuse to look back at some of our slightly older listed items and remind ourselves about how amazing they look. And I personally, can’t think of anything more lovely to look at than our range of driftwood pieces. 


I think you could agree this coffee table is very unique. There’s so much to look at and keep you interested. Choosing furniture, should be fun and should make you think hard about where it could fit in and what other people might think. This piece is gorgeous and has so many… sticks! ; )




This stunning side table has a very fresh feel and would look great in either a conservatory or living room. It really gives off a warm vibe and is so in tune with summer and the sea.





One last coffee table to include. It’s another example of how craftsmen can create amazing items of furniture from natural materials. To be able to create something so beautiful would be amazing, but also to own such a piece would be truly fortunate.



We simply love searching for new furniture that fits in with our style. These few items are only an example of the bright furniture we promote which have the ability to brighten up your home and act as a focal point in your living area.