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Repair and Upcyle

As well as having a wonderful array of new furniture for sale, we still take delight in transforming old damaged furniture into modern and of course, functional pieces.

When dealing with over 150 dining sets each year, it’s inevitable that a percentage of those will require repairing before upcycling. Filling cracks, repairing dents, sanding out scratches and like this chair, changing the Rattan back. These are but a few of the repairs that we deal with before completing a project.


Damaged Rattan Back


This particular chair had a damaged and non repairable back, so a new Rattan back was purchased to replace the damaged one. Having never replaced a Rattan back before, you can appreciate that I was a little apprehensive about taking the project on. Should I have failed then not only would it have been a waste of time and money, but also would have left us a chair down. So getting it right first time was absolutely essential.




Well I did it, fantastic. It’s amazing what a little study, patience and a few skills can do. It just proves you can do anything if you put your mind to it….and search for the right “how to do” video on YouTube.

It’s completing projects like this, which give us a sense of joy and fulfilment.

Trimming a new Rattan backUpcycling a damaged chairNew and upcycled furniture by My Vintage Home

Repairing a Rattan back

Inserting a new Rattan back into a chair