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Introducing Ourselves

And finally who we are. The faces behind the name.

Michelle Tucker – Owner, Painter, Buyer, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service 

I’ll introduce myself first as I am writing this blog 🙂 If you have had the time to read our first blog you will realise that I will most likely be found with a paint brush in my hand, and usually pretty scruffy if I’m honest. These days as our new furniture range has taken off, if I’m not found with a paint brush, I’ll be glued to my phone or at my desk working. Apart from this, I can be found at the gym at the crack of dawn, as this is the only possible time I have to do it. Keeping fit and strong is really a necessity of this job when having to help lift very heavy pieces of furniture. If I’m not doing any of the above I can be found drinking tea and eating cake! (I am not all good!)

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Jeremy Tucker – Owner, Joiner, Wood Finishing Extrodinaire, Painter,  Driver,


Jeremy like myself will usually be found working. He will usually be carrying very heavy pieces of furniture in and out. If he is not carrying them he is preparing them, sanding them, painting them, repairing them and turning them into the stunning pieces of furniture you will see in our gallery. When he is fortunate enough to have a spare couple of hours he will be playing tennis. This may coincide with a local delivery, so if you have an item delivered and your guy is sporting the latest tennis gear, it will be him! He is very creative and we enjoy lots of his work around the house. I mean how many people have a 12ft Trex in their garden that their husband just knocked up from some spare wood!


Without introducing the children, which bring nothing to the table, our third member of the family is our cat Jim, (who is a girl, long story..) Jim to be fair mainly sleeps and eats, but she does like to check out any new furniture that comes in before it is worked on. She is even known to sit on boxes, apparently they will do to.