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Introducing Our Range

Introducing Our New Furniture & Accessories Range

In 2017 we got to thinking, we can supply up-cycled furniture and I can usually hunt down a lot of items that our customers want, but sometimes it just wasn’t possible. There were some items that were popular and in demand, but supply didn’t meet this demand.  We also had so many comments on how the customers loved our style, and where did we get this mirror, or that rug and that accessory that were in fact our own. We then got the inspiration to find a furniture and accessories supplier that we could work with.

We had to choose carefully. It had to be the same style as own really. We wanted to be as passionate about these items as we are about our own. I am frequently shocked when I go to the shops and see furniture items that cost a fortune, but their quality is really poor. I literally stand their gobsmacked sometimes. We needed stylish furniture and accessories that were made from the finest materials and that would make statement pieces. The furniture had to go with our style to so that customers could mix old with new and it would go.

Here is an example of a lovely vintage dresser we worked on. When I was sent the photo of the item in situ I was drawn to how good it looked in her room, and the fantastic mirror which is a new item and the 2 go so well together. Both statement pieces that look amazing.


Below is a photo of a dining set we worked on. The dining table is a solid beech farmhouse style chunky table. It is actually the same table as our own, (yes the first ever project I worked on). We have worked on a few of these since as I love them. The table is up cycled but the chairs are brand new Eames style dining chairs. How good do they look together!


Below is an example of the stunning mirrors we stock, the chest of drawers are brand new too, and we do stock these.  For some people up-cycled furniture is not for them, they may like the style but would prefer new. These drawers are a great example of that, they look like drawers that we may have worked on, but they are not, and if they were how good do they go together. The mirror really does add the finishing touch.


We work on lots of dining tables and chairs, we also have an amazing range of new dining table and chairs. I am really fussy when it comes to dining sets as we have worked on so many beautiful sets, but I love the dining table, chairs and benches that we hand picked on from the New range they are better than any other sets I have seen whilst out shopping.


To finish off a dining room or kitchen area you need to have great lighting and we have picked a stunning selection of lighting that will also be a stunning focal point and the perfect accessory to your room.

Frusco Pendant Light

The mirrors below are also best sellers. We chose these mirrors as they look amazing. They are without doubt the ultimate in baroque style framed mirrors.

My Vintage Home

There will be more items added weekly.  This is a really exciting time for us, I visited the Spring Trade Fair at the NEC in Birmingham last month and spent 2 days looking at endless possibilities that would look good in our range. Watch this space!