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How we Choose Products for our Store

Choosing products for our store isn’t easy. Not only do we need to choose products which are of the quality that our customers want, but we also have to look at the type of style which reflects us and our name.

To be a one stop shop for furniture sales would cross all the T’s, however it would be a tough logistical struggle. It would mean we couldn’t focus our attentions on the items we truly wish to promote. It would also bombard our site with items our customer base may not have an interest in. With online sales it’s all about keeping the customer interested! Now granted, not everything we sell is “Vintage”. However all items we promote have character, style… something different from the bog standard cream lamp shade. There are plenty of online stores selling these items, but not all stores  sell what we do.

Our products do offer something different. They vary from standard to unique and most have something different to keep our customers both intrigued and happy. That not only makes us happy, but keeps us interested and in love with the business. There’s honestly not many more fun things in business than being able to choose something different and unique and we’re constantly on the look out for new items. Only earlier this week we added some new side tables to the site, gold bird leg side tables with glass tops. And the rabbit lamp shades… were an absolute pleasure to promote. It makes you want to keep them, but you can’t have them all!

Being an online store means that people can’t try before they buy. There’s no sitting on the couch, leaning back and relaxing online. It’s just not  possible yet. But with new technology in the works, we’ll be able to teleport you direct into store… Okay that’s another three hundred years away. But for now, you’ll just have to take our word for it that the items we sell are not only comfy, but are made from quality and durable materials.

When searching for suppliers of new furniture, we take into consideration many things. To offer our customers a good service, we must have suppliers who can offer us a similar service. We’re constantly on the look out for new suppliers, but only those who can offer us something different than the standard cream lamp shade. 

It simply wouldn’t be My Vintage Home, if we didn’t offer something unique and something with tons of character.